Find Proposal Ideas that are Unique to Your Relationship

Planning a wedding proposal for the love of your life?

Proposals are a monumental occasion. Once you’ve worked up the nerve to ask, you need a romantic way to pop the question. Trying to decide where and how to propose is an important step in the journey of holy matrimony that can turn what is supposed to be an enjoyable experience into a stressful time. Whether your style is cozy at home together, on a vacation, surrounded by family, or in the public eye, here are 20 creative and romantic ways to propose to your partner that will ensure a proper steppingstone to a long life of fun together.

Public Wedding Proposal Ideas

Show your sweetheart — and the world — just how much they mean to you with a public proposal.

1) At a Concert

There are few things more memorable than seeing an incredible artist or band live.

Make the moment even more memorable by popping the question with a contemporary engagement ring at one of your favorite performer’s shows, then celebrate by enjoying live entertainment the rest of the night.

If you plan it right, or can pull some strings, the band may even let you use the mic!

2) Plan a Flash Mob

Some of the most fun and exciting surprise public proposals have involved flash mobs.

Spend a bit of time planning a time, place, and maybe even a song, then watch the magic happen as the mob paves the way for you to give her a diamond engagement ring that’s as beautiful as she is!

3) At Her Favorite Restaurant

Tell the story of your love through food at her favorite restaurant or a restaurant that holds a special place in your relationship.

Ask the staff to play a song you both love to set the mood and even involve them in subtle ways throughout the night. This could take some extra planning, and maybe some help from the owner or manager, but the outcome will be amazing.

When it’s time for dessert, ask if the chef can write “Will you marry me?” on her dessert plate and surprise her with the perfect diamond engagement ring. Voila!

4) Plan (& Rehearse) a Lip-Dub

Similar to a flash mob, this will require some serious planning and likely even rehearsals, but, if done properly, will set the stage for a wedding — and happy marriage — that most dream of.

Putting this much time, effort, and planning into a proposal that can be built around a favorite song of hers is sure to impress your partner from the get-go.

Remember the first big lip-dup proposal that broke the internet in 2012? Just imagine the possibilities!

5) At a Museum or Historic Site

Make you own mark on history while viewing pieces of it.

Take a knee next to an iconic statue, structure or painting, and present her with a Venetian diamond engagement ring to give the place a new level of significance.

man wearing a blue and white checkered shirt placing diamond engagement ring on a woman’s finger

6) In a Garden

During the spring, a garden is a perfect place to plan a surprise engagement photoshoot.

If your significant other loves flowers, visit a botanical garden or stop by a local park with a beautiful flower display to set the backdrop for your photos.

The natural light will help to capture the beauty of the diamond as you celebrate the new season of your lives together.

7) Ice Skating

Turn a classic winter sport into a treasured event by proposing on the ice.

Enlist a friend to help you with the plan by asking them to hold a “Will you marry me?” sign in a nearby place.

Direct your significant other’s attention to the sign and when she turns back to you, take her breath away with a frosted diamond engagement ring.

Memorable Destination Proposals

In recent years, destination trips celebrating life’s significant moments have become increasingly popular.

So, it comes as no surprise that destination trips are one of the most memorable ways to propose.

8) On a Private Beach

Whisk your significant other away to a private beach (or one that isn’t crowded, at the very least) while on vacation.

Create a special sunset proposal with a candlelit path and flower petals leading to a romantic picnic where a bottle of wine and a solitaire diamond engagement ring are waiting for her.

9) On a Mountain Top

Rise to the occasion by hiking one of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks.

Set the accomplishment in stone when your spirits are high by proposing with a criss cross-style diamond engagement ring while overlooking the beautiful scene below.

woman wearing a white gold diamond engagement ring holding a man’s hand around a brown tree trunk

10) In a Decorated Hotel Room

Plan a surprise proposal by outfitting your hotel room with balloons, a “Will you marry me?” banner, and rose petals.

Celebrate with champagne and room service!

11) At a Paper Lantern Festival

Plan a trip to a paper lantern festival. After a full day of activities, light your lanterns with the rest of the crowd.

As the sky is illuminated by light, ask your love to marry you with a gorgeous three-stone diamond engagement ring!

Fun Ways to Propose Off Land

12) In a Hot Air Balloon

Make for an unforgettable memory by booking a hot air balloon ride for you and your sweetheart.

Then prop the question while you’re soaring over the landscape below. Make sure to prep the captain and ask him if he can snap a photo to capture the moment.

13) On a Boat

Plan an offshore proposal by taking your fiancé-to-be out on a fishing trip.

While fishing, say that you’ve caught something. Instead of a fish, present a packaged item (the ring), open it and pop the question!

14) On a Plane

On the way to your destination, ask the flight staff if you can speak over the loudspeaker.

Profess your love to your significant other or sing a special song you’ve written then have them meet you in the aisle where you can comfortably take a knee.

Celebrate throughout the rest of your vacation!

15) On a Helicopter Ride

Book a helicopter ride over a nearby city or scenic area. During the ride, take the opportunity to seal the deal from 25,000 feet!

Clever Ways to Propose at Home

16) With the Family

Involve the family. Invite everyone over for brunch or a backyard summer bash and then turn the day into a clever proposal.

Ask each member of the family to wear t-shirts that collectively spell “Will you marry me?” or ask them to hold up a sign asking the question.

Take a photo, making sure everyone is out of her line of vision, then have her look at it to approve.

While she’s decoding the message, take a knee beside her. Celebrate her “yes” with the entire family!

17) Candlelight Dinner for Two

Make a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of you at home.

Cook your favorite food(s) or order in. At the end of dinner, pick up the dishes and bring them to the kitchen.

Return with a proposal cake with two sparkling candles on top and the ring placed in between them!

18) With the Help of the Animals

Involve your fur babies by buying them sweaters with a proposal message on them. When your significant other comes home, have the animals greet them at the door and wait nearby with ring in hand.

Another fun way to propose involving your pets is tying the ring on the animal’s collar with a pretty ribbon. Then when your significant other greets your pet, she’ll certainly spot the ring!  

19) With a Puzzle

Order a specialized proposal puzzle. When it arrives, plan for a fun rainy-day date night in.

Make a warm beverage to sip on, turn on the fireplace and some background music, then take out the puzzle.

Let her put the last few pieces together while you pull out the ring. 

No matter how you decide to propose, it will be a memory that’s cherished.

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