Birthstone Series: June’s Pearl


This post is the first of a series of twelve discussing the creation and meaning of the different birthstones. The concept of birthstones dates to the Breastplate of Aaron described in the Bible. The breastplate was a ceremonial religious piece of armor set with twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel and corresponding with the twelve months of the year.

What is a Pearl?

Pearls are gemstones that are created by mollusks (clams). When an irritant such as sand or a piece of debris enters a mollusk’s shell, the mollusk deposits layers of calcium carbonate around the foreign object to protect its organs. As layer upon layer of nacre (mother-of-pearl) coats the object, the pearl begins to take shape. After anywhere between six and twenty-four months, the pearl is complete. In the past, thousands of mollusk shells had to be opened to find just one pearl. Nowadays, pearls are cultured by farmers who introduce irritants into the shells of young mollusks. The result is that 90% of the pearls sold worldwide are cultured pearls.

What Does a Pearl Represent?

Pearl is the birthstone of Gemini and Cancer babies born in June. In many cultures, brides wear pearls on their wedding day because the gem represents innocence and purity. Pearls, like other gems, symbolize wealth and power. Pearls have been seen as antiquated gems of an age long past. Although the gems were popular among older generations, they have been rising in popularity among young professionals looking to accent their outfits. For a sharp, official look, many pair a stylish suit with dazzling pearl earrings.


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