Ring Stacking: One of the Latest Fine Jewelry Trends for 2019

Stacking and layering jewelry is a growing trend within the fashion industry, providing ways to use creativity and express yourself with accessories. 

With attention to detail, the ring-stacking trend can work for anyone — no matter which style of fine jewelry you prefer. 

The possibilities are seemingly endless, from wedding rings to fashion pieces, stacking rings is one of the best fine jewelry trends of 2019.

How to Stack Rings Your Way  

Wearing rings can be a fun way to express your personality and can be used as a complementary piece to nearly any outfit.  

It’s common to see stacked rings on the ring finger, but the trend has women stacking rings on a few fingers — alternating between an odd and even number of rings.  

Knowing how to pair rings in a way that compliments your style while allowing you to have fun can be quite exciting.   

Some may shy away from it, feeling that the look can take over the outfit or look too busy. But it can actually compliment the outfit really well.  

Here are some easy tips to stack your rings:

Mixing Metals 

Picking metals that complement each other can be a great way to diversify your look while allowing the rings to make a statement.  

Whether you prefer to mix the rings on the same finger or on multiple fingers, mixed metal rings are a great way to stack rings.

women holding a cupcake wearing three white gold diamond eternity wedding bands stacked on her ring finger

Thin & Dainty Combined with Thick & Bold 

Stacking rings can fall into either the minimalist or maximalist jewelry section.   

If you prefer the thin and dainty minimalist style, try stacking three or four rings on two or three fingers.   

Alternatively, if you prefer to wear statement rings that are thick or bold, adding fewer rings to more than one or two fingers is a great way to go. 

If you’re looking to mix it up, pair thick rings with thin rings to create a gorgeous and bold stack.  

A good rule of thumb for how many rings to stack on a finger will depend on how much space your finger has between each knuckle.  

You don’t want to stack so many rings that your fingers become uncomfortable.

Nail It 

Choosing a nail polish color that is complimentary to the stacked rings can help to complete the look you want to achieve.  

Often, neutral colors can provide flexibility for a wide range of metal colors.   

If you prefer bright colors for summer, keep your nails the same color — versus multiple colors. This simplicity will make the rings the statement piece and give a fun summer-feel to your entire look. 

Go with Your Style 

If you lean towards a simpler jewelry style but want to make your rings the statement piece of your outfit, try minimizing bracelets and necklaces.  

If you prefer style that is bold, adding extra jewelry pieces such as layered necklaces, and chunky bracelets can create a fierce and fun look.   

Whichever you prefer, choosing a style that works for you is important. 

Enjoy mixing and matching rings or creating a look that’s simple and elegant — your style, your way.