Fine Jewelry Trends for Summer 2019

 Summer is here, and with it brings new fine jewelry trends that are sure to make heads turn without emptying your pockets.

Unlike recent years, this summer’s trends are more exquisite and surprising than you may have assumed. They include colorful fine jewelry, “maximalism,” and chain-link detailed jewelry, and they may just be here to stay.

Fine Jewelry Trends to Look For

Providing sharp contrast from the neutral, dainty jewelry of previous summers, colorful jewelry is making its return and can expand your color palette, letting your personality shine through. 

What once may have been considered “overdoing it” — and would tend to minimize the overall effect and appeal of the jewelry — is very much in.

Make a Statement with Something Bold

Minimalism has had a strong pull in the world of fine jewelry in the past few years.

In 2019, what is being known as maximalism — nearly the complete opposite — is quickly establishing its own voice in the jewelry world. 

In contrast to minimalism, which leans towards dainty and light, maximalism seeks to draw attention with large and bold statement pieces.

Maximalist style is characterized by intricate styles and bright patterns. 

Maximalist jewelry is eye-catching and different; it’s a chance to showcase personality through fashion.

Some of these maximalist styles include chunky necklaces, oversized stud earrings, and cuff bracelets.

Go Bold with Colored Gemstone Jewelry

Bright-colored  gemstone rings and necklaces are summer jewelry trends for 2019 that pay homage to the days that seem to be long forgotten. 

Diverse colors of gemstones make jewelry multi-colored, pulling together the brightest tones of the rainbow. Color modernizes classic jewelry to make it brighter, bolder, and fun.

 adult woman wearing matching gold necklace, earring, and ring set with tourqious


In true cyclical form, bright multi-colored jewelry has come back around in full force, especially this season.

Neutral and dainty jewelry has proven its long-lasting power, but colorful jewelry can expand your color palette and let your personality shine through. 

Jewelry with colorful stones and beads will brighten up any outfit and add that unique pop of color. Rainbow stones, especially when mixed with rose gold, elevates fine jewelry with its unique aesthetic. 

Link Your Look 

Chain-link detailed jewelry is a classic contemporary style that is circling back as one of the top summer jewelry trends for 2019. 

This jewelry style, with a look that is consistent to its name, comes in all different shapes and sizes.  

Thick chain-link chokers are a current favorite in the fashion world, providing an edgy yet sleek element to a more neutral outfit. 

Chain-link earrings that dangle is also growing in popularity and are being used to give summer outfits an extra dose of industrial chic. 

Layer Love

Layering jewelry has been trendy for the past few years, and this year is no exception.

Adding chains and pendants that vary in size and metal can create a look that’s personalized to you. 

(Tip: When layering, pick one necklace to be your focal point and add necklaces from there. For maximum impact, layer multiple pendants and statement necklaces.)

Layering doesn’t have to stop at necklaces; rings can be layered — or stacked, to create a look that is all your own.

diamond encrusted white gold and yellow gold womens rings on a pink background

Trendy Gemstone Cuts & Shapes 

Fresh colors and modern gemstone cuts are finding their place in the world of fine jewelry, too.  

Pear-shaped engagement rings are rising in popularity for young couples, for instance. This unique shape has the classic diamond of a traditional engagement ring, but the modernity of the latest jewelry trends. 

A rise in popularity can also be seen for pear-shaped gemstones in necklaces, rings, and earrings.

The baguette cut is of both the art-deco and modern styles. This cut is sure to be featured in trend-setting fine jewelry pieces this year. 

A long, rectangular-cut diamond, the baguette is commonly featured in a bezel setting or complimenting the diamonds found in an engagement ring.  

Fun in the Sun

You can feel rest assured that all of these summer jewelry trends will leave you feeling inspired and glowing throughout the season.

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