The History of Verragio Rings

The story of love is most easily told with a ring that was created by a designer who truly understands the importance of the ring.

Founded in 1996, the Verragio engagement ring company started when Barry Verragio designed his first engagement ring for his wife.

Barry Verragio studied at the Fashion Institute of New York, where he developed a setting technique for engagement rings that was both innovative and unique. At the time, the Lumino setting technique had been made exclusive.

The revolutionary setting suspends the center diamond, allowing more light to enter. This allows the stone to reveal its

When Verragio was founded, the company was based on three key values:

  1. The focus of the engagement ring would be the diamond.

  2. Verragio would concentrate on wedding bands and engagement rings.

  3. The company would work with designers to promote as many atypical designs as possible.

To this day, Verragio specializes in superior quality engagement rings and wedding bands with designs that consistently follow jewelry trends and fashion-forward designs while keeping that classic foundation well intact.

The manufacturer’s vision is anything but ordinary and steadfast in believing people should never settle.

Verragio continues to create cutting-edge wedding band and engagement rings that will last a lifetime.

Verragio Engagement Rings

Verragio rings, each created by visionary designer Barry Verragio, are not typical engagement rings and wedding bands.

There are six collections of Verragio engagement rings:

  1. Parisian Collection: Meticulously handcrafted, defined by romance.

  2. Venetian Collection: Timeless Venetian lace-inspired details, vintage allure.

  3. Couture Collection: Sleek with classic elegance, the little black dress of rings.

  4. Insignia Collection: Draws inspiration from the crown in Verragio logo.

  5. Renaissance Collection: An update to the classic engagement ring style.

  6. Tradition Collection: French beading, meticulously matched diamonds, this collection is unlike any other.

And, if the soon-to-be-engaged couple can’t find the perfect ring to pop the question with, they can customize a ring through Verragio to make it their own.

Venetian laceworks, Parisian wraps, and rose gold couture inlay, makes Verragio rings as stunning as they are timeless.

Verragio Wedding Bands

Verragio wedding bands are just as stunning as their high-quality engagement ring counterparts.

With dozens of wedding bands to choose from for him and her, finding the perfect ones to personify the beauty and charm of the big wedding day will be an adventure the soon-to-be-weds will surely not forget.

Verragio wedding bands will remain beautiful and sparkle like they are intended to for years to come.

Personify the importance of love and the magic of a wedding day with a wedding band that will remain beautiful for years to come.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit for All Verragio Rings

Verragio’s Fit-Right solution is a revolutionary way to size Verragio rings.

It is the only method of ring sizing that eliminates the need for cutting, altering, reshaping, and possibly damaging an engagement ring or wedding band.

Fit-Right changes the internal circumference of the ring, preventing it from spinning, sliding on the finger, and allows for easy removal.

Verragio rings can be sized down anywhere from half-size to a size and a half without modifying the original design.

Authorized retailers like Hannoush Jewelers can do this quickly while customers wait, instead of having to wait weeks or months to have it resized.

Find Verragio Rings & Wedding Bands at Hannoush Jewelers

Verragio rings are only sold through authorized retailers that have been hand-selected to represent the quality of the brand.

These rings are unlike any other, so it’s easy to understand why the manufacturer would hold retailers to a higher standard. Hannoush is proud to be an authorized retailer of Verragio jewelry.

If the allure of a Verragio engagement ring or wedding band piques your interest, visit Hannoush Jewelers at their Albany and Clifton Park locations in Upstate New York.