The Day You’ve Been Dreaming of

You’ve dreamt of this day forever — the day that you get to marry the love of your life.

Your wedding dress, shoes, and venue are all figured out.

Now you’re thinking of what jewelry to pair with your ensemble.  

Use this year’s wedding jewelry trends to help you finalize your look and ensure you’re looking like a proper bride in 2019.

Classic and chic come together this year to make your wedding jewelry dreams come to life, and more!

Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2019

Many of the style trends we’ve seen in 2019 vary from small and dainty to layered and stacked, and those are making an appearance in this year’s bridal look as well.

With the return of pearls and some colored gems as a fashion trend, the continuation of diamonds as a focal point, and ring stacking continuing its run as an in-demand look, this year’s wedding fashions are a blend of old and new that you’re going to need to know about to get your look just ride.

Something Old Becomes Something New

While pearls may have once been considered an outdated wedding look, pearl jewelry is now considered a new and improved fashion trend.

In fact, pearls have become so popular that the trend is ranking as one of the top wedding jewelry trends for 2019.

While diamonds are still one of the top wedding go-to looks, pearls have gracefully returned, bringing an elegant look and styling — sometimes even being combined with other features and gems to take the look to even new heights.

Pearls are growing in popularity as the centerpiece of coordinating wedding jewelry, such as pearl drop earrings, necklaces, and even bracelets.

Managing both subtlety and boldness, pearls are once again making a name for themselves in the bridal world. And rightfully so.

Something Borrowed Becomes Something Stacked

Ring stacking is also continuing to grow in popularity among this year’s jewelry trends, landing a space in both the minimalist and maximalist crowds.

Often mismatched in appearance, stacking rings can provide a pop of color if desired. It can also bring texture and diversity to your bridal look, especially when mixed metals are involved. 

Necklace stacking is also increasing in popularity.

In line with the mix-match of ring stacking, layered necklaces provide depth, texture, and a way for you to express your style — whether simple and charming, or excited and grandiose.

woman’s hand with five gold and other mixed metal rings worn on both her middle and ring finger for the stacked-ring look

Something Blue & Other Colored Gems

Colored gems have also made the list of popular wedding jewelry trends.

Keeping a consistent presence within both the minimalist and maximalist camps in different seasons, colored gems have been used to create a statement piece for any type of jewelry in a beautiful and eye-catching way.

One of the most popular colored gems for weddings is sapphire, the September birthstone.

While sapphire may appear in a multitude of colors, blue is the most commonly used. Many brides find that it satisfies the “something blue” feature to incorporate in their wedding jewelry ensemble.

This stone is a popular centerpiece for rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets alike.

woman’s hand with a sapphire, round-cut, halo engagement ring with diamonds on her ring finger

Bracelets & Earrings Adding Flare

Bracelets have always been a simple yet elegant way to spruce up your wedding look.

If you’re leaning more towards the side of minimal and dainty wedding jewelry, a simple, thin chain or diamond-encrusted bracelet can tie the look together quite nicely.

This year, drop earrings continue to set the tone for wedding jewelry trends. Bridal looks are also using colored gems in the drop-earring style as statement piece.

Ear cuffs have also made their way into this year’s bridal jewelry trends, providing a tasteful yet edgy approach to wedding earwear.

The Most Important Thing is You

Your wedding day is entirely yours, and to make it the best that it can be for you, it’s important to feel comfortable and most like yourself with the jewelry you decide to wear.

Jewelry can help tell the story of who you are as a bride.

And it should.

Whether the wedding jewelry trend that speaks to you is bold and beautiful or gentle and sweet, there is always a perfect accessory to help make you shine on one of the most important days of your life.