Discover the Two March Birthstones

March is said to have two personalities: in like a lion and out like a lamb.

It's a month full of excitement — whether it be late-season snowstorms or early-onset warm weather & the overall sense of rejoicing is overwhelming as the first signs of spring begin to bloom.

And, just as March has two personalities, it also has two birthstones: aquamarine and bloodstone.

March is a Special Month with Special Birthstones

Traditionally speaking, each month has one birthstone.

Those with birthdays during the month of March are lucky to commemorate their special day and month with two unique gemstones that are entirely different in appearance but both uniquely beautiful.

Both gemstones share similar symbolism of health preservation, protection, and a calming sense.

So, what makes these birthstones so unique?

Aquamarine Gemstone

Evoking tranquility, aquamarine refers to the Latin word aqua, which means water, and marine, meaning the sea.

Both references bring the colors of the ocean to mind.

This beautiful March gemstone varies in color from light blue to deep blue. The deep blue-colored gemstones are the most rare and expensive form of the jewel.

closeup of a white gold aquamarine ring encrusted in white diamonds on an adult woman’s finger in front of a white background

Typically, the color is more intense in a larger stone.

But, no matter the size or color intensity, this March birthstone will always shine.

Similar to emeralds, aquamarine is formed from the beryl mineral. The gemstone is formed as six-sided crystals that can reach up to a foot in length. The size

and shape make it an ideal gemstone to be cut and polished into larger carat sizes to create eye-catching jewelry.

The aquamarine birthstone is primarily mined in Brazil, but is also found in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Madagascar.

Aquamarine History & Folklore

Due to its sea-like nature, aquamarine was once called the sailor’s gem, and was worn by sailors to provide them with a safe and successful journey. It was also believed to calm high-emotions and tempers, allowing the wearer to remain levelheaded.

During the Middle Ages, aquamarine was said to be a poison-reversal method, an antidote to poison.

Additionally, Romans believed that it held healing and medicinal powers to cure diseases affecting the stomach, liver, jaw, and throat.

The Romans also knew it as a reconciler. Those who possessed it could make enemies into new friends.

In modern times, aquamarine is seen as a token of youth, hope, and health.

No matter which way you decide to view this sparkling blue gemstone, you can wear it with confidence knowing that its beauty speaks for itself.

Bloodstone Birthstone

Bloodstone, the second March birthstone, is a unique gemstone.

Also known as Blood Jasper or heliotrope, bloodstone is actually a crystalline quartz.

Standing out from other birthstones, it is common to see the gem with streaks of red-colored iron oxide encased throughout.

The darker-colored bloodstones with the most visible spots are said to be the most valued of its kind.

Typically found in India, the stone can be found in parts of Brazil and Australia.

Bloodstone History & Folklore

Heliotrope is a Greek word that means “to turn the sun.”

It is believed it was named for how the ancients believed the mineral reflected the light.

Because of its coloring and red speckles, people in ancient times believed the sun would turn red if the gemstone was submerged in water.

closeup of a dark green bloodstone gem with red flakes throughout the stone in a gold ring held by a woman’s hand in front of a green background

Historically, this March birthstone was used by the Babylonians to create seals and amulets in belief that the gem held medicinal powers. It was also believed to heal those with blood-related illnesses.

The Egyptians held the jewel in high esteem, believing that it gave them physical strength, powers of invisibility, and magical forces to defeat enemies in battle.

The gem was often worn by royalty and nobles. So, it was commonly found in rings and necklaces. It was also found in cups and adorning statues.

Some thought the gem was able to foster the spiritual gift of prophecy, changing the weather, and providing victory in battles.

Nowadays, it can be seen worn by many as a means of bringing mental clarity and energy. It is especially popular among individuals who believed it can provide an increase of physical strength.

No matter how you choose to use or wear this special gem, you can be confident that you carry its natural beauty and strength with you.

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