Types of Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

One of the most important decisions when choosing a diamond engagement ring is finding the best setting for the diamond.

A diamond ring setting determines how the gem will be mounted on the ring.

Rings have two main pieces: the shank — the main body of the ring — and the head (also called gallery), which the piece that sets the diamond in place.

Elegant Styles for Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

There are numerous engagement ring settings to choose from. Some of the most popular are the prong setting, bezel setting, pavé, and halo setting.

Other popular prong setting styles include the classic Tiffany setting, the three-stone ring setting, and most free-form ring settings.

Prong Setting

The prong setting continues to be one of the most commonly used settings for engagement rings.

This type of setting is typically four or six metal prongs that grip the diamond, holding it in place and elevating it to allow ample space for the brilliance of the diamond to be displayed.

three yellow gold prong setting diamond engagement rings stacked on top of each other

Of the prong settings, the solitaire setting is one of the most timeless styles, displaying only a single diamond or gemstone in the head. 

This style not only calls attention to the gem itself, but also showcases the timeless elegance of the ring.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is the second most common engagement ring setting, presenting both a classic and modern style, while appealing to an array of shoppers.

It is often suggested for those with active lifestyles.

Unlike the prong setting, the bezel setting uses a thin metal rim to secure the diamond and keep it locked in place, while also giving it a stand-alone presence from the shank.

There are two types of bezel settings: full and partial.

yellow gold bezel engagement ring in between a yellow gold wedding band and a white gold wedding band placed in a green and pink succulent

A full bezel setting surrounds the diamond completely while a partial leaves two sides of it exposed. 

While a bezel setting provides more of a safety cushion for the diamond or gem, only the top of the diamond is seen.

Pavé Setting

Pavé, the French word meaning “to pave,” is a setting that involves a band paved with diamonds leading up to the center stone.

Each of the diamonds set within the band (shank) are held by small prongs set in holes that are drilled into the side of the shank. The small prongs that hold the diamonds in the band are also called beads.

white gold pave diamond engagement ring standing in the opening of a white gold wedding band

This process is also known as beading and in the case of stones between .01 to .02 carats would be considered a micro pavé set.

This setting is a beautiful way to showcase and increase the brilliance of the center stone.

No matter the clarity, cut, color, or carat weight of a diamond, the pavé engagement ring setting will give the appearance and brilliance your soon-to-be fiancé deserves and desires.

Halo Setting

The halo diamond ring setting is one of the most popular settings, and its meaning is exactly as it sounds.

Smaller diamonds are secured around the entirety of the center stone, protecting the diamond and giving it a halo-like effect.

white gold halo diamond engagement ring nestled in the petals of a bright red rose surrounded by baby’s breath flowers

Halo engagement rings, like pave ring settings, showcases the brilliance of the center diamond and is enhanced by the smaller surrounding diamonds.

This setting is also popular, as it supports several different diamond shapes and can even be paired with a colored center stone.

Choosing a Type of Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

When the time comes to choose a diamond engagement ring setting, the most important thing to consider is personal style and taste.

It’s important to ensure that your ring feels comfortable and makes sense for your lifestyle.

No matter what engagement ring style or setting you choose, you can trust Hannoush Jewelers for the help and resources needed to make your love story as perfect as you’ve always dreamed.