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For Hannoush Jewelers, the desire to create a business modeled into the epitome of excellence started more than 30 years ago. Through the course of all these years, our vision hasn’t changed. Our devotion to quality jewelry and superior customer service make us a paragon in the business. Not ones to leave any stone unturned, we also offer a comprehensive list of services to ensure every piece maintains the lustre of new jewelry.

What we offer:

  • Custom design

    - If you have an idea, we can bring that idea to fruition. Your imagination is the only limitation.

  • Sizing, soldering, and repairs - 

    Like anything else, jewelry requires maintenance. We are happy to oblige in this area so that our customers can get the longevity of life their jewelry deserves.

  • Basic watch repairs and battery replacements

    - Watches have delicate pieces and complicated battery systems which our technicians are well versed in handling.

  • Engraving

    - Any piece can be given a personal touch from our engraving department. From sweet phrases to names, our expert hands can add these special additions.

  • Pearl stringing

    - These timeless items are fragile and should be handled by expert hands in order to protect their integrity. We have all the supplies on site needed to create wearable pearl pieces.

  • Gold and diamond buying

    - Ever the abundant commodity, we are always in the business of acquiring additional quality materials.

  • Appraisals

    - Many people will find themselves in possession of jewelry that they have no point of reference for value. We are able to accommodate customers looking for accurate appraisals of these items.

For those looking for a company that has their hand on the pulse of what a quality jeweler should provide, you need not look any further than Hannoush Jewelers in Albany, New York. Contact us or visit our store today.


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