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Find Out Why Breitling Watches are Obsessed with Quality

Breitling, as a brand, has an absolute obsession with quality.

The Swiss watchmaker has an exclusive grip on luxury watches — especially the technical ones — starting and ending with the exquisite Breitling chronographs.

As a partner of aviation, Breitling has always devoted utmost importance to the quality of its timepieces, which are designed to hold up in the worst conditions — and always do.

Breitling watch cases are engineered to accompany their wearer on all their adventures. Each and every detail of their build has been developed and tested to withstand extreme use. They accomplish this by using only top-class metals like 316L antimagnetic stainless-steel alloy and grade 2 titanium.

Watch dials on all Breitling timepieces are made aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated so they not only feel great but also look the part.

Their construction requires mastery of the state-of-the-art production methods that combine modern equipment with more traditional skills. Each detail is meant to give its wearer the ability to read information at a glance, similar to an instrument panel.

The watchbands, similar to the watch cases, are also built for sturdiness and comfort. After production, they are gently and thoroughly hand-polished, so they get the absolute best possible high-quality finish.

With all of these factors combined, you can’t go wrong with a luxury watch by Breitling from Hannoush Jewelers in Albany or Clifton, New York.

You can be certain your watch will stand the test of time and look great while doing it.



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